Tortech CNT properties

Advanced Tortech CNT technology drives performance


Electric properties

Tortech CNT mats offer tremendous flexibility and a wide range of
electrical conductivities.
The mats’ conductivity can be controlled and manipulated according
to the required application, providing electrical changes of up to
3 orders of magnitude.
Tortech’s CNT mats can be used as lightweight conductors for
composites or as a lightweight, flexible resistor for fast response
heating elements.


One of the primary advantages of using Tortech’s is its EMI shielding capability.
Tests performed using Tortech CNT mats demonstrate excellent performance
against a wide range of frequencies (200- 18,000 MHz).
These results, together with its light weight and excellent interaction with
conventional fabrics, make Tortech CNTs the right choice for EMI
shielding applications.

Thermal properties

Tortech CNT mats are excellent heat conductors that compete easily with metals and other thermally conductive materials. While in the past, interactions between nanotubes were a limiting factor, Tortech’s extra-long CNTs provide far more efficient heat transport. 

Tortech’s CNT mats offer better conductivity than many metals including titanium, and even better specific conductivity than copper.

The mats can be an important material for low weight heat dissipation, and heat management.


When used with other composites, Tortech’s CNT material still shows enhanced performance. The figures below show a thermal imaging comparison between standard CF composite and Tortech’s CNT composite. It is easy to see the well dispersed anisotropic thermal dispersion of the CNT
composite in comparison to the inferior results, demonstrated by regular CF composite.

Black body-like IR emissions  

Tortech’s CNT mats offer unique features similar to those of a black body. Tortech CNT shows IR emissions of 0.85-0.95 in the range of 8-12 microns. This enables a variety of possible applications in the field of IR detection, optical devices and more.

Inherent and active anti bio fouling

Biofouling, the accumulation of biological materials or organisms on wet surfaces, is a major concern in water treatment utilities, and industry. Tortech’s mats, both inhibit and remove biofouling in two ways:

  • Inherent anti biofouling – Tortech’s mats significantly inhibit the ability of micro-organisms to attach to it, especially when compared to standard materials used in the water  purification such as poly-sulfones. 
  • Active anti-biofouling – Due to its conductivity, Tortech CNT can easily remove any biological materials that manage to stick to it when low electric voltage is applied to   the mat.

As seen below, the standard poly sulfone membrane suffers from total clogging because of intense biofouling after just a few days exposures to sewage water. Tortech CNT mats show only mild biofouling.  When low voltage is applied, there is no biofouling at all.

This extends the time between services, replacement and significantly reduces the total cost of use and maintenance.
1.   Standard polysulfone membrane after sewage water exposure - Suffers from severe biofouling
2.  Tortech CNT membrane after sewage water exposure - Suffers from mild biofouling
3.  Tortech CNT membrane after sewage water exposure under the use of electric voltage - no significant biofouling seen