Tortech CNT mats

Tortech CNT Mats – smarter, safer, more effective form of CNTs.

Currently available CNT powders have several disadvantages:

•   They tend to agglomerate when inserted into a liquid (e.g epoxy).

•   In case of inhalation, airborne nano-particles can result in health issues.

•   CNTs have a high surface area.  When mixed with various polymer resins, these cause significant
     increase viscosity, making it very hard to apply.

•   Powder CNTs tend to have low aspect ratios (~1:1000), leading to inferior mechanical properties,
     electrical conductivities    and more.


Tortech Mats - Making the most of CNTs properties and possibilities 

Tortech’s manufacturing process is based on a gas-phase catalytic reaction creating a dense cloud of very long carbon nanotubes. This generates a continuous network of CNTs which is  drawn out of the reactor and spun around a drum to create a non-woven mat. Each mat has dimensions of up to a few square meters with thicknesses between 10 microns to a few hundreds of microns - depending on the application.

CNT mats can be also manipulated in order to take advantage of their anisotropic properties. In addition to its superior properties, Tortech’s CNT mats are easy to use and incorporate in manufacturing processes.