Strong, lightweight and multifunctional – ideal for aircraft

Tortech’s advanced CNT and composite materials can be used for various applications in the aviation industry. Its thermal and electric conductivity, heating abilities, mechanical behavior and EMI shielding, provide the capabilities you need with the low weight necessary for aircraft. Tortech CNT will improve performance and offer new features for commercial and defense fixed and rotary winged aircraft, offering a significant upgrade compared to existing materials.


The car industry faces an ongoing, critical challenge – reduce weight, improve efficiency and maintain vehicle strength as well as passenger safety without increasing cost. In order to meet this challenge, manufacturers and OEMS are choosing lightweight composite materials. Tortech’s CNT composite can be integrated into different electric parts, such as batteries, and wire harnesses to reduce weight and improve performance.

Batteries – hybrid, reduce weight

As batteries need to become lighter, more powerful and in some cases flexible, Tortech’s CNT products provide an excellent solution where light weight, high conductivity, efficient thermal management, and high surface area are required. CNT can easily be integrated into batteries, capacitors, and other energy related applications.

Water treatment

Experts are predicting that fresh water will be the source of many future conflicts. As populations increase and the world turns to desalination and the use of grey water for irrigation, new filter solutions are constantly tested. Food production must become more efficient without contamination. Oil and Gas need a way to purify pipeline contents.

Tortech’s CNT material can be used as an integral part of next generation of these industries. Nano porous, mechanically strong, with high thermal and chemical stability, CNT can be used as filtration membranes and remove biological and chemical substances. In addition, Tortech’s CNT offers built-in anti-biofouling with the ability to conduct electricity, enabling it to avoid and remove any biological sedimentation. This unique property, which does not exist in standard membranes, means that CNT offers better performance, longer MTBF and lower life cycle costs.